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Majors Pool 


Join in on a summer of fun with our yearly Majors Pool! 


Prizes will be awarded for each Major of the season and (1) One

Grand Prize will be awarded to THE lucky winner at the end of the year! 


The Major Championships are among the highlights of any season for any golf fan. To add to the excitement, we’ve created our Major Pools for each of the four Major Tournaments - the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and PGA Championship. Last year, we added a bonus - the Canadian Open! Don't forget -  We keep an aggregate score over the course of the season and award a Grand Prize to the lowest total score. Full rules can be found below.


2018 Schedule

Augusta Masters.jpg

2018 Masters

April 5th-8th
Augusta National Golf Club

Shinnecock Hills.jpg

2018 U.S. Open

June 14th-17th
Shinnecock Hills Golf Club


2018 British Open

July 19th-22nd
Carnoustie Golf Links

Bellerive Country Club.jpg

2018 PGA Championship 

August 9th-12th
Bellerive Country Club


2018 Canadian Open 

July 26th-29th
Glen Abbey Golf Club



How It Works

For each Major, select four golfers to make up your roster for that tournament. The entrant who selects the foursome with the lowest total score will be awarded the victory and first prize.

You will also be asked to select a winning score for the tournament. In the event that two (or more) foursomes finish the tournament with the same total score, the entrant who guesses closest to the score of the individual golfer who wins the tournament will be awarded the victory.

If any member of your selected foursome misses the cut or does not finish the tournament for any reason, you will be disqualified from that tournament. For the sake of the season-long aggregate score, that player will be given a score equal to the highest finishing score of the tournament.

You can submit your picks from the opening of the pool through midnight the Wednesday prior to the opening round. Entries are limited to one per person. If you make a mistake or change your mind, feel free to submit a replacement entry. Only your final entry will be counted.

Congratulations to our 2018 champion!

Paul Kemp (E)

1   Paul Kemp E
2   David Turco +12
3   Dylan Davidson +20
4   Kathy Ross +21
5   Andrew Buck +25

6    Gary Ireton +28
7  Karen Richardson +30
8  Robbie Broad +31
9    Dan Halloran +32
T10 Barry Lane +33

T10  Wes Murray +33
T12  Greg Scully +36
T12  Sam Anastasi +36
T12  Colin Hwang +36
15    Mark Allen +37

T16    Brent Richardson +43
T16    Brooks Hipgrave +43
18    Andrew Polischuk +44
T19  Garth Olmsted +47
T19  Gary Gray +47

2017 Grand Prize Winner - Chris Bird

2016 Grand Prize Winner - Jamie Wannan