Osprey Valley

Canadian Open Pool (Bonus) 

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Congratulations Daniel Wells, 2018 Osprey Valley Canadian Open Pool Champion! 

Daniel's team consisted of of Dustin Johnson, Tony Finau, Ian Poulter & Rory Sabbatini, playing to a combined (-61), beating out 2nd place winner's Bradley and Angelo by a single stroke! 

For the first time this season we had to go to the tie-breaker score, and we still ended up having a tie for 2nd place. Full results can be found below. 


2018 Top 20

1) Daniel Wells (-61)

T2) Bradley Musclow (-60)*

T2) Angelo Piacentino (-60)* 

T2) Paul Brace (-60) 

T2) John Allison (-60) 

T2) Quang Huynh (-60) 

7) Matt Ball (-56) 

8) Brent Richardson (-55) 

9) Brooks Hipgrave (-54) 

10) Kim Richardson (-53)

T11) Skip Patterson (-50)

T11) Andrew Igel (-50) 

T11) Julian Pashkovsky (-50)

T11) Mark Allen (-50)

T15) Tom Choptiany (-49)

T15) Sam Anastasi (-49)

T15) Chris Ullerick (-49) 

T15) Chun Kim (-49)

T15) Jeffery Pilon (-49)

T15) Christopher Hollow (-49)

**10 Others tied at (-49)

*Denotes winner via Tie-breaker Score       

Past Winners

2017 Winner - Morgan Rubes